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Red Rocks Park near Denver



Air Legacy provides a special and unique service that I would recommend to anyone after a loss of a loved one. After my father died, leaving unclear wishes for the final resting place of his cremains, I was at a loss as to how to properly honor my father's memory. My dad was a pilot and avid skydiver as a younger man, after stumbling upon Air Legacy's website I knew I could give my dad one last flight. Earl made everything so easy even though I was trying to make arrangements from out of state. He even picked up my dad's cremains from my elderly grandfather's house and stayed to talk about my grandfather's time as a WWII pilot. The certificates and pictures look wonderful. My family and I are incredibly grateful for the service Air Legacy provided us.   Chelsie P

My dad recently passed away after struggling with cancer. I had a chance talk to him about his final wishes as we approached the end of this life. He told me he wanted to be cremated and since he was both an aviation aficionado and a Coors Light lover, he asked that his ashes be scattered from the air in the hills above the Coors Brewery in Golden Colorado. I told him that I would try my best to make that happen for him. I was thrilled to find Air Legacy right here in Denver. I contacted them via the internet and made the arrangements for my dad's scattering. From the moment I met the pilot in person, I felt a genuine sense of care and concern from him. He was very respectful and carried out my dad's last wishes with grace and class. I watched from the ground as the pilot carried out his charge and it was a very moving experience for me. I hope when my time is at and end, I can have Air Legacy scatter my own ashes in the Rocky Mountains I have flown over and loved for years. I think it would be a wonderful way to bring this life to a close. Thank you Air Legacy for providing your wonderful service! Doug E., United Airlines Pilot

This is written as a testimonial to the quality of the service provided for our family in the scattering of a loved one's ashes over the Rocky Mountains by Air Legacy.  Knowing nothing about this procedure, Air Legacy patiently led us through the intricacies involved to ensure that we understood all of the options available to us, i.e. location, time of month, and whether or not we wanted to witness the scattering.  After several false starts on our part, we finally agreed on a firm location and date.  We appreciate the time, effort, and loving care that Air Legacy made for our relatives's final wish to come true.  Bob Y.

Watching the scattering of the ashes was a big experience for me.  On this Sunday, everything was perfect.  The weather, the Red Rocks in their wonderful colors, and then your "wing waggle" that let me know the scattering was beginning, was very touching.    Because in Germany it is illegal to scatter ashes, I will offer my customers and colleagues your service.  Verena Kurz-Feuerstein, Funeral Director, Bestattungshaus Heidelberg Funeral

We feel so incredibly lucky to have come accross your website & are thankful that there are people like you out there.  We could not have asked for a more dignified and special way to celebrate my brother's birthday.  It was so amazing to watch you flying above Estes Lake & just the very unique way that you have of making something like this special.  It was the ultimate sky dive for him! 100% perfect.  Thank you Air Legacy from the bottom of my heart for this amazing gift you've given us.  Cindy


...Thank you Air Legacy for your service.  The scattering was my parents' last wish.  Penny


...Thanks again Air Legacy.  Two of my daughters and I have decided Aerial Ash Scattering is what we would also like done with our ashes.  Air Legacy provided an incredible experience for me and my family in honoring my wife's final wishes.  We will never forget it.  John


...What we thought was going to be a daunting task,  Air Legacy was there for us.  Air Legacy was accommodating, thorough, professional, and most of all compassionate of our request.  Air Legacy was able to fulfill our mother's final wish and provide us with an incredible and memorable experience we will never forget.  Glen and Karen


...Even though they lived out of State, my parents always vacationed in the Rocky Mountain National Park area, so this is where they wanted to be scattered.  Dick


Thank you Air Legacy so much for scattering my brother's ashes.  We appreciate it so much.  Your work helps so many families you should be proud of yourself.  Thanks also for the photos.  Julie 


...Thank you for scattering my mother's ashes.  You were right on time and we found it a very memorable event that I will always remember.  I thought the wing waggle that indicates the start and finish of the service was done with style and grace.  Thank you for giving my mother peace.   Arthur


...On behalf of myself and my family, our heartfelt thanks for the ways Air Legacy made something difficult that much easier.  Phyllis


...I want to express my gratitude for the service Air Legacy provided.  Scattering my son's ashes over the place in the Rockies he loved was the final act he had specified and in the manner in which you carried it out was completely in keeping with the way he would have wanted.  That was comforting and satisfying to me.  John F.


Just a note to thank you for the wonderful service that you provide.  To be able to return my brother to the Colorado mountains that he so dearly loved is a gift beyond measure. It gives my family a sense of peace to know that he is joined with the place that he never wanted to leave. Your service gave us a comfort that we could not have had without it. You have been thoughtful, accommodating and sensitive at such a difficult time, most especially since we are on the East Coast and unable to be there. Your pictures were especially thoughtful. Thank you so much.  Franciose and family

Air Legacy scattered my mother's ashes and her favorite dog over Red Rocks in Golden, Colorado.  It was a beautiful summer day, July 12, 2008.  The pilot flew over Red Rocks four times, first to waggle his wings to let us know it was him,  second to drop the ashes, third to drop rose pedals, and fourth to waggle his wings to say goodbye, it was quite a sight.  I felt calm and "happy" as this was closure.  It was exactly what my mother wanted and she is now at peace.  All of our guests, about 70 of them, marveled at what a wonderful idea this was such a unique way of "laying my mother to rest".   Sharyn

I just wanted to say thank you for what you did.  There were 16 of us on the golf course and everyone gave you the "thumbs up".  This will be one of our best memories.  God bless you.   Judy K.

I can't tell you how pleased I am to have found Air Legacy. When my father was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's, He wasn't hesitant to tell me about his wishes to be cremated.  Being a pilot for years, he expressed his wish for his ashes to be scattered out of a plane over the mountains in Colorado where he spent many wonderful times hiking,  flying, with friends and family.  It was a blessing to find Earl, the pilot of Air Legacy. The minute I met him I felt comfortable giving Dad's ashes to him and felt an instant calm that my father's wishes would be honored in a very respectful way.  He has come full circle and I feel at peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Air Legacy.    Kristine

It was very hard for my daughter and I to settle on what we were going to do with my husband and her dad's cremains.  My daughter found the Air Legacy website and together we felt this would be a perfect tribute.  My husband was a pilot and Earl agreed to pick up the cremains at our airport and distribute them over the Flatirons in Boulder.  Earl was the utmost professional, he showed up on time at our airport was friendly, and business like with our group, at the pick up site, and even delayed in order to give us enough time to be at the drop site. We had an aircraft radio to communicate with him and he told us where he was and when he was dropping the cremains.  It was so great.  I can't thank him enough. Charges were as he quoted.  I am always a little hesitant to use someone I have never met and through the internet, but I read other testimonials on his service and decided to take a chance and I was not disappointed.   Sandy

On behalf of my family I want to thank Air Legacy for your professional and caring handling of my mother's ashes. You made a difficult time a little easier for us and the scattering was very touching and meaningful for us. It was obvious to us that you genuinely cared about our needs and wishes. Being there to watch the scattering was a great comfort and the day was perfect for it. Your attention to details from the first email exchange, to receiving the ashes, to the wing waggle before beginning, and to the final check in with me to make sure we were happy was greatly appreciated and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone looking for this type of closure! Thanks again for your help and caring!  Kathy

A legacy can begin with a final wish.  Aerial Ash Scattering is an appropriate way to honor the final wish of a loved one.  Much thought was given to where they would want their ashes to be scattered.  Obviously it is a special place that should be honored with dignity.  One must also consider the generational concern; that although an immediate family member may keep cremains on a mantle or such, the next generation may keep the cremains in storage (a little less sentimental meaning to this generation).  The next generation may not even know where they are.  Dignity is long lost and eventually something even less dignified is likely to happen.  Air Legacy was interviewed by the Denver Post newspaper and also Backpacker Magazine for articles about the "National Forest Service cracking down on those attempting to scatter ashes on foot, as they usually try to leave a marker".  The Forest Service will immediately remove these markers (  Aerial Ash Scattering is perfect closure.  If you are making scattering arrangements, or planning the event to make your wishes known to family and friends for the future, Air Legacy can help.  Ash Scattering from an aircraft lends added dignity over simply just spreading the ashes on the ground.  Air Legacy covers Colorado and parts of Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming.  For specific answers to your questions, call us at our number below or see our FAQ page.  Air Legacy is ready for take-off and grant a final wish.  Let a legacy begin.
Maroon Bells near Aspen, Colorado
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