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Winter Park, Colorado

Did You Know 
Did You Know

...that cremations in Colorado for 2011 are projected to number approximately 18,879 (Cremation Association of North America 2005)? 

...that the 18,879 cremations projected in Colorado for 2011 represents approximately 64% of all end of life arrangements (CANA 2005)?

...that almost half of those wishing to be cremated also wish to have their ashes scattered?

...that it's believed that most people keeping cremated ashes at home do so only because they don't know what else to do with them?

...that most religions do allow cremations?

...that it's easier to list the religions that do not allow for cremation: (Islamic, Orthodox Judaism, Greek Orthodox Christian, Russian Orthodox Christian, Parsees, Zoroastrianism)?

...that cremations can cost as little as 1/4 the cost of a traditional burial service?

...that the FAA requires a pilot have a Commercial Pilot Certificate to scatter ashes from an aircraft during any flight for hire?

...that a Commercial pilot without an Instrument Rating is not permitted to fly beyond 50 miles from their base airport when scattering ashes from an aircraft flying for hire?

...that it is not recommended that a pilot flying a single engine aircraft enter the clouds in the winter over the mountains due to icing in the clouds (even with an Instrument Rating)?

... that Air Legacy's website Links page is a great resource for help with: grieving, books about death & dying, memorial products, creating memorial websites, etc.?



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