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The Flatirons, Boulder, Colorado

About Us / Rates 

Air Legacy provides an Aerial Ash Scattering service for the Colorado Rocky Mountains and parts of Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming.  Other locales can be negotiated.  I fly a Cessna 182 with 230 H.P. (which makes it preferable for mountain destinations).  Included in your rate is a certificate suitable for framing.  It indicates the name of the deceased, date and time of the scattering, and the geographical location of the service (longitude / latitude).  As a Commercial Pilot with an Instrument Rating, I am certified to fly when the weather is "marginal".  Additionally, I am trained in Aerobatics and Mountain Flying.  The first ash scattering I flew was for my own mother.  Being afraid of heights, she had told me that she "would never fly in a small airplane".  Knowing that she wanted her ashes scattered, I smiled and told her "you will once".  I am very aware of the desire to grant a loved one's final wish and to have it done with dignity.  I am my mother's legacy.  I miss you mom. 

Mileage Rates


W.I.N.G.S. Flights    (see below) 

Foothill Specials: Flatirons, Red Rocks, Waterton Canyon

To 60nm

61nm to 100nm

101nm to 150nm

 Denver Metro Area 















Veterans (DD-214) Subtract $50 from listed rates above Thank you for your service
Additional Scattering Add $75 Same flight, each additional cremains (including pets)
Scatter Rose Petals Add $25 Scattered after the cremains
Aircraft Landing Add $75 For when a landing is required to pick up the cremains.                       Landing must be on the scattering route, otherwise rate is based on total distance.
Tribute Flight 1/2 the original scattering rate On any anniversary of the original scattering, Air Legacy will scatter the same location and release rose petals.  Schedule once or schedule each year.
Other Locales Rates are negotiated beyond 150nm Popular examples: Sante Fe, NM or Grand Tetons, WY $1200 
W.I.N.G.S. Flight $250 based on Air Legacy flight scheduling WINGS = Weather's Incredible Now Go Scatter.  Taylored for those that have had cremains in their possession for some time.  Air Legacy will scatter a "Foothill Special", at our descretion, weather permitting.  Certificate will be issued after flight is completed. 

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*** Let a Legacy Begin ***

Air Legacy, LLC
P.O. Box 1472
Englewood, CO 80150
Phone: 720-626-1362