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Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Certificate / Frequently Asked Questions 
 How do you dispense the ashes?
The ashes are blown from a container mounted to the passenger seat. Back to top

 How do I pack and ship the ashes?
U.S. Postal Service Code 462.2 Cremated Remains Human ashes are permitted to be mailed provided they are packed in siftproof containers or other containers that are sealed in durable siftproof outer containers. The identity of the contents should be marked on the address side. Cremated remains must be sent registered mail with return receipt service. Include the "Authorization to Scatter" form & payment.Back to top

 Can I ship cremains FedEx or UPS?
UPS (Terms & Conditions - Sec. XXIII) and FedEx (Prohibited Items) won't ship cremated remains if they know of the contents. Neither will ship cremation remains because they are "uninsurable". Back to top

 Where do I send the ashes?
Send to: Air Legacy LLC, P.O. Box 1472, Englewood, CO 80150Back to top

 What if I don't want to ship the ashes of my loved one?
If you reside in the Denver Metro area, arrangements can be made for Air Legacy to pick up the ashes at no extra charge.Back to top

 How soon will the ashes be scattered after receiving them?
On the date and time YOU select (as weather permits). In the event we must postpone, we plan around your alternate date (depending on weather, etc.). We schedule upon receipt of the ashes and payment.Back to top

 Can I fly along if I wish?
Unfortunately no. FAA regulations and insurance concerns prohibit passengers. However, we do encourage you to make arrangements with us to witness the event from the ground.Back to top

 If I am unable to witness the scattering, how can I be sure it was done?
First, if you cannot witness the service I can take a digital photo of the site that is time and date stamped. Second, thanks to you, I get paid to do my hobby!Back to top

 At what altitude do you dispense the ashes?
FAA regulations require that the pilot remain 500 ft. above obstacles (1,000 ft. in heavier populated area's), and 2,000 ft. above National Forests.Back to top

 Is aerial ash scattering safe on the environment?
Yes. The EPA funded studies in 1999 to determine the effects of aerial ash scattering. It was found to have no significant effect on the environment. Cremations are done between 1,400 deg. F. to 2,100 deg. F. so, the ashes are now purified.Back to top

 Are there regulations governing aerial ash scattering?
The FAA has a list of regulations for the pilot and aircraft. Otherwise, no (Colorado). However, if scattering by foot, you will need to get permission from the property owner or controlling agency if in a National Forest. Back to top

 Our scatter site is obscure, how will you find it?
Aside from typical aircraft navigational aids, there is a GPS / moving map on board. When given geographical coordinates it's accurate to 10 feet laterally.Back to top

 Will you scatter cremated pets?
Of course.Back to top

 What does aerial ash scattering cost?
Mountain Specials are $400 while mountain destinations less than 60 Nautical Miles from the Denver Metro area start at $500 (see About Us / Costs page). Back to top

 Do I receive a certificate?
Yes. Included in your rate are up to 5 certificates sent after the service has been provided. Additional certificates can be purchased for $5 each (frames are not included).Back to top

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Phone: 720-626-1362